when no one seems to listen,
this is where i pour my heart out
  • Dinner with le familia 🍔👍❤

  • Visited the office today. I missed being called ‘budak kecik’ :’) #overlyattached #taklehterimahakikatkenabentikeja

  • Lunch: Mahbub Briyani Ayam Madu

  • Nasi Kerabu FTW!

  • Third year. This is only 2 subjects. Hmmm.

  • I can be head over heels at someone and then I get bored. But if you treat me well, I’d be very loyal eheh.

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  • Selamat menempuh tahun ke-3 wahai diri. Semoga masih terinspirasi :)

  • Lunch with le familia before balik kolej. Cepatnya dah start semester!

  • My second sister, ehh tak tak, first sister sebab Kak Azreen lg tua dr Izan. The only one kat office yg panggil Amira when others call me Echa. Sometimes Adik, because I’m of the same age with her sister, @ezuriashahri and the fact that I was born a day earlier than Ezuria.

    Sgt dedikasi bila buat kerja, jgn berangan nak kacau dia kalau dia tgh khusyuk ngadap PC. Gossip partner selain Izan. Lead singer antara kitorg bertiga (like seriously sbb dia sorg je blh tarik lagu Problem by Ariana Grande tu!). Tp kalau time blur dia, tak dapek den nak nolong hahaha.

    Cepat2 jadi lawyee and bukak firm sendiri kay, Kak Azreen!
    #overlyattached #rinduawak300peratus #taklehterimahakikatkenabentikeja

  • Meet Nursyaizan, a.k.a Kak Izan, my instant best friend at NAI. We share the same interest which is reading, and started doing crazy stuffs together when nobody’s around. Only Allah knows how crazy we are when we’re together.

    Walaupun baru kenal almost sebulan, thank you for being my sister and layan my every kerenah hahahah. I already miss you sobsob. Dont forget our date!

    #overlyattached #taklehterimahakikatkenabentikeja #rinduawak300peratus

  • Today marks the end of my attachment. So overly attached to this firm that I’m willing to extend for another week. Many memories were made within this one month.
    I learnt the bankruptcy procedure, went to the court for the case management itself (without my supervisor) and meeting with client before full trial.

    InsyaAllah chambee nanti buat kat sini jugak. Itu pun kalau Tuan Azmi and Puan Elia nak bagi lagi lah hahah.

    This is the litigation dept, too bad Kak Erma and Kak Ila are not in the picture.

    I am sooo gonna miss you guys!

  • This picture was taken during my first week in NAI. It’s my last day tomorrow 😭😭😭

  • Betul ke? Hahaha. Kalau betul, hmmm, I’m on your mind too lah then. Kan?